Good News. My contracted books have been rescheduled and I now have time to write the Mockingbird Square novellas.

I’m halfway through Seduction, and hoping to finish in May. The next novella, Temptation, follows on directly. I’m not sure yet whether I will wait until I have written that, or publish Seduction right away. We shall see. Let’s not jinx it by promising things I don’t then deliver!

I have rewritten the introduction to Seduction because it has turned out to be a very different story from the one I originally visualised. Originally it was all about Amelia, the daughter of Lana, one time mistress of a nobleman. Amelia is still an important part of the book but the main characters are now Lana and the nobleman who broke her heart and has come back into her life. I guess if you were choosing tropes for Seduction, they would be:

Second Chance at Love

Older couple

First Love Reunited

The novella also continues the difficult romance between Lady Deborah Lorimer and her friend Toby, who is stupidly oblivious to the woman who would be perfect for him. Instead he has asked his matchmaker friend to find him a wife!

I’ll keep you updated!