Lizzie My Love

Don’t forget Lizzie My Love, another of my older books now republished as an ebook. This is an Australian story set in the early days of Sydney and New South Wales, about a young girl who travels from England with her sister to start a new life. But Lizzie finds a great deal more than she bargained for when she meets Zek, a wealthy landowner who employs her to run his household.

Released: April 1984

My Lady Imposter

“Exciting, enthralling, and satisfying…prepare to be swept away!” –Stephanie Laurens“Get ready to fall in love.” –Lisa KleypasIn the tumultuous early years of King Henry II’s reign, the beautiful, but lowly peasant girl, Kathryn, is determined to escape a life of servitude on the arrogant Lord Ralf’s estate.When the lord himself brings her to his sumptuous castle, scrubs off her peasant dirt and teaches her how to be a noble lady, Kathryn knowingly suspects the worst. Tasked with impersonating the granddaughter of the dying Sir Piers de Brusac in order to gain his estate, Kathryn has only her wits to save her…and this is the role of a lifetime!But Lord Ralf, once cold and calculating, can’t deny the stirrings in his heart for this wild and beautiful girl…while Kathryn struggles to deny the red-hot attraction to someone so far above her station…Will Kathryn be able to hide her growing feelings for Lord Ralf…and will Lord Ralf be able to resist the sweet charms of a peasant girl gone noble?

Released: June 1983