A Seduction in Scarlet

Book 1

A prim and proper widow gives in to her impulses at London’s notorious Aphrodite’s Club… and fulfils her wildest dream.

As an honored widow and close companion to Queen Victoria, Lady Portia Ellerslie is captive to a life of public perfection. But privately, she still longs for the touch of a man. One lonely night, she gives in to her desires, and enlists Madame Aphrodite, the owner of London’s most exclusive and erotic bordello, to arrange a wild one-night-only affair. Donning an alluringly dangerous scarlet dress and a veil to mask her identity, Portia arrives at the club ready to surrender to the long-suppressed desires raging inside her. Instead, she’s shocked to lock eyes with Marcus Worthorne, the man she dreamed of in her former life as the vicar’s daughter.

Marcus remembers the very proper Portia… but how did she become this mysterious, enticing lady in red? Marcus knows he can fulfill her most wanton fantasies; and he also knows that it will take more than one enchanted, evening; because one night of delight will never be enough for either of them!

Released: December 2007

Her Secret Lover

Book 2

To save her reputation, lovely heiress Antoinette Dupre flees from London to Devon and Wexmoor Manor, a country estate. But she flies from one danger to another when she encounters a masked stranger, who, with one touch, arouses Antoinette’s own insatiable hunger.

Gabriel Langley is no saint, he wants what he wants — a letter in Antoinette’s possession — and nothing, even the scandal of seducing her can stand in his way, especially since he finds her impossible to resist. Provocative and sultry, they embark on a dangerous game; in the moonlit shadows everything is laid bare. But when Gabriel’s identity comes to light, the consequences could destroy their chances at forever.

Released: October 2009