Beloved Highlander

Can Gregor and Meg find the happy ending they have both been craving? Or will others tear them apart?

Meg Mackintosh has dreamed of Gregor Grant ever since her father acquired his former lands in Glen Dhui. But when she asks him for his help against the threat of a powerful neighbour, she realises the man she imagined is nothing like the real Gregor. Meg is drawn to this handsome and charismatic stranger, and she soon finds her sensible nature battling with visions of a future with him. Although he seems to desire her as much as she does him, can she trust it is she he wants and not Glen Dhui?


Gregor Grant was once the laird of Glen Dhui, but he lost everything after the rebellion. Now a Captain of Dragoons, he has no hope of regaining the future he once dreamed of. And then Meg arrives, needing his help, and he finds himself beginning to believe. Not just for the life he lost, but for a new life, with the beautiful Meg. As they work together to save the estate, Gregor falls more and more under her spell. How can he persuade the fiery lass that she is his everything?

Released: January 2003 July 2024