One Night of Surrender – Evie North

It's his last night on earth...and his final wish will be her command.

Previously published by Samhain. Sara Bennett writing as Evie North.

Like his two brothers, Gervais Hawley, son of the Earl of Mortmain, is reckless and wild. But now his days are numbered. Given up to the Bow Street Runners for robbing a coach, he has been sent to Newgate to hang.

Every man on death row is granted a final wish—if he has the money. Gervais has more money than most, and his final wish is for a taste of something sweeter than mere food. He wants Katherine, a woman falsely imprisoned. For one night in her arms, he will pay the debts that will set her free.

From the moment she saw Gervais in the corridors of Newgate, Katherine felt the spark of attraction. In exchange for her freedom, she agrees to his terms: one night in his bed, obey his every command.

Their passionate encounter is more than Katherine ever expected. And as the cock crow draws near, her body and heart crave more. But Gervais is headed for the gallows…unless fate intervenes.

Released: April 2017

Two Days of Temptation – Evie North

Who's to say who is blind and who sees clearly?

Two years ago, Lord Sebastian Youlden wronged Hannah and their unborn child, and she cannot resume her life until she wreaks revenge.

After a duel that cost his sight and the woman he loved, Sebastian retreated to his isolated estate, occasionally sending for local women to temporarily assuage his loneliness. Yet there is something compelling about the latest whore sent to pleasure him.

As passion begins to burn away the veil of secrecy between them, the only thing left standing between them and a love that never died is the naked, painful truth.

Released: April 2017

Three Desperate Choices – Evie North

All his life he's been bad...can he be good for her?

All his life he’s been bad … can he be good for her?

Maddox Hawley is as wild and reckless as his two brothers. Then a duel followed by a meeting in a seedy inn makes him rethink the direction of his life.

Gabriella Jones, disgraced governess, has already made one desperate choice. Should she make another by trusting Maddox? And should she make an even more desperate choice by falling in love with him?

If Maddox truly wants to be a better man he dare not give in to his passionate attraction for Gabriella. Even when she wants him to.

Released: March 2019

The Brothers Mortmain Box Set – Evie North

All three novellas in the Brothers Mortmain series. One Night of Surrender, Two Days of Temptation and Three Desperate Choices.

Released: September 2019