Lessons in Seduction

Book 1

Miss Vivianna Greentree is proper, but passionately dedicated to her haven for poor orphans. But when funds run low, and the orphanage is in peril, she has no choice but to appeal the estate’s roguish owner, Sir Oliver Montegomery. Scandalous he may be, but also practical, and he sees no reason to aid the prim Miss Greentree, or her precious orphans.

But perhaps there’s another way to persuade him? Vivianna vows to learn fine arts of seduction and melt Oliver’s stony heart with a kiss, a touch and whispered promises. Under the guidance of Madam Aphrodite, London’s most famed courtesan, Vivianna discovers how to make a man weak with desire. But when she practices her newfound skills on Oliver, she finds a burning desire within herself as well. And very soon, it’s hard to say just who is seducing whom…

Released: October 2009

The Rules of Passion

Book 2

The boldest, most unconventional of the three Greentree sisters, Marietta believes her best course would be to emulate her natural mother, the notorious courtesan Madame Aphrodite. Being woefully unschooled in the ways of passion, however, Marietta, at Aphrodite’s insistence, must first prove herself by properly seducing one man: Max Valland, the moody, disgraced, anddisinherited former Lord Roseby.

With his life and reputation already in tatters, Max is most willing to help the exquisite young minx practice her chosen craft—though he is surprised at the depth of his desire . . . and by her most unprofessional tenderness. But Marietta’s plans are threatened by the dangerous mysteries swirling around this disarmingly sensual gentleman . . . and by a heart that urges her to break the courtesan’s cardinal rule: never fall in love.

Released: October 2009

Mistress of Scandal

Book 3

Proper, reserved Francesca detests chaotic London and one of its most infamous inhabitants: her birth mother, the notorious courtesan Madame Aphrodite. Lovingly raised by the devoted Lady Greentree, she’s content to remain in Yorkshire, far from the scandalous parent whose life and profession shock . . . yet intrigue her. But a dark, dangerous stranger she rescues on the moors is awakening a most improper desire—causing Francesca to question whether she is more her mother’s daughter than she ever wished to be.

When Sebastian Thorne agrees to protect Aphrodite’s estranged daughter from a dire threat emerging from her past, the fallen lord is unexpectedly seduced by Francesca’s beauty. But a vigilante living on the shadowy edge of society has little hope to own such a prize—and unless he reclaims his abandoned title and lost honor, Sebastian will never get close enough to the bewitching lady to save her life . . . or win her passion.

Released: March 2009