Book 1

Ash Linholm and Juliet Montgomery were once deeply in love, but their families tore them apart. Now, 8 years on, Ash is thinking of marrying for the sake of an heir to his estate. His bride of choice is a relative of the Earl of Monkstead, but the earl is a great believer in marrying for love, and he persuades Ash to revisit his painful past.

Does Juliet still love him after all that has happened? Is it possible for them to find the happiness that was once denied them?

Unforgettable is the first novella in a series about the residents of Mockingbird Square, where the Earl of Monkstead likes to interfere in the love lives of his neighbours and bring about their happy endings.

Released: March 2018


Book 2

Wealthy Olivia Willoughby has led a happy and untroubled life, so far. Then, on holiday in Scotland, she meets Rory Maclean. Rory is as untamed as the landscape about them. The last of his family, he’s the owner of a falling down castle and deeply in debt, and he has two wishes. One, to marry an heiress and two, find the Sword of the Macleans, a fabled weapon which carries with it the luck of the family.

For a time Olivia and Rory embrace married life and civilisation in London, and then Olivia learns the truth. That Rory organised their ‘accidental’ meeting and married her for her money. Furious with him, and yet still loving him, she follows him home to Scotland.

In the distant north, at Rory’s castle, anything is possible. Will love conquer all, or will Olivia return to Mockingbird Square, alone.

Released: may 2018


Book 3

Lady Lavinia Richmond is known as the Ice Maiden. A virtuous wife to her late husband Patrick, and a loving mother to her young son, no hint of scandal has ever been whispered about her.

But Lavinia has a secret that could ruin her.

Captain Sebastien Longhurst was a friend to Patrick Richmond and reluctantly agreed to father a child with Lavinia when Patrick proved to be incapable. He never expected to fall in love. Now he is back in Mockingbird Square, and he wants to claim what is his—Lavinia and his son.

But at what cost to her reputation and his heart?

Released: September 2018


Book 4

Dominic Frampton, Earl of Monkstead has been accused of meddling in the lives of his neighbours, giving them the happy endings he thinks they should have. But when it comes to Miss Margaret Willoughby the only person he believes can make her happy is himself.

But Dominic is already married, a wretched mistake he was forced into fifteen years ago.

Margaret is on the verge of being engaged to her bullying father’s curate, and destined to live a half life in the village where she was born. She believes she must obey, but Dominic has other ideas.

Is it right to ruin Margaret’s reputation to save her from her miserable future? Can love really conquer all?

Released: January 2019


All Four Novellas from the series plus a Bonus Epilogue

Released: January 2020