Seduction is out! (or nearly)

Seduction is available at last. For sale now on Amazon Kindle and up for pre order on Kobo/Apple and Barnes & Noble, where it will be available on the 17th of June.

I rewrote the book after my last effort and it is much stronger. The story concentrates on Lana and George, who were once lovers. Lana was George’s mistress and bore him a child, Amelia, but George left her due to family pressures. Now, eighteen years later, Lana is determined to find her daughter a husband who will care for her and, most importantly, not break her heart. Amelia, who already has a husband in mind, appeals to her father for help and George steps in. Secrets are revealed and suddenly George and Lana are forced to face the fact that they still love each other. But is it too late?

I am also reducing the price for Fascination, the first book in the series, in case you haven’t read it yet. You don’t need to read it before Seduction but there is a continuing story thread that will run through all the books. Lady Deborah Lorimer is a matchmaker and not a very good one. She has loved Toby Miles for years but he does not see her as more than a friend. And now he has asked for her to find him the perfect wife…

Click on the cover photos for the buy links, and thank you so much for your patience. I know this has taken a long time, due to my other commitments!