Unforgettable, the 1st Novella in my new Regency series, Mockingbird Square, will be out in March. I loved writing it, and hope you will enjoy reading it. Unforgettable will be up for pre order very soon. I also have a very pretty cover I will be sharing with my readers via my Newsletter, so if you want a peek, be sure to sign up now.

Here is the blurb for Unforgettable.

Ash Linholm and Juliet Montgomery were once deeply in love, but their families tore them apart. Now, 8 years on, Ash is thinking of marrying for the sake of an heir to his estate. His bride of choice is a relative of the Earl of Monkstead, but the earl is a great believer in marrying for love, and he persuades Ash to revisit his painful past.

Does Juliet still love him after all that has happened? Is it possible for them to find the happiness that was once denied them?

Unforgettable is the first novella in a series about the residents of Mockingbird Square, where the Earl of Monkstead likes to interfere in the love lives of his neighbours and bring about their happy endings.

There’s also an added treat for fans of my Medieval series. Lord Ash Linholm is a descendant of Radulf and Lily from The Lily and the Sword.