Stepping Back

Two stories by Sara Mackenzie, author of the Immortal Warriors paranormal romance series. Stepping Back is about a woman who finds herself stepping back in time when drought reveals an old house previously covered by the waters of a reservoir. The East Wind is the tale of a ghostly sailor who rides the east wind in search of his love. Both stories were previous published.

Castle on the Loch

1266AD, Kintail, Scotland. Something splashed in the loch. A fish, she supposed, but then she realised she could see a shadow making its way out of the water and onto the narrow stretch of beach. The night was closing in but there was still enough light to make out that it was a man. Maire stared. She could see that he was tall and broad shouldered, much bigger than the men from her village. His wet hair was slicked to his head in a dark cap, and as he moved toward her she kept very still. With the Vikings about, it was dangerous for a woman alone, and she was not about to test this stranger’s good nature. She was grateful that the soft colours of her arisaid made her almost invisible in the gloaming. And then her eyes widened, because she realised he was naked. The Knights are legendary creatures, immortals, and are never seen in the light of day. Only a woman can ask them for a favour, and for that favour to be granted, she must be a virgin. So Maire has come to ask for such a favour, to save her people from the Viking raiders, and that is how she meets Murchadh.

This story was previously published under the name Evie North.