Return of the Highlander

What is this world he has awoken into—where metal “monsters” roar down smooth stone paths and people parade in unfamiliar costumes? Where is the home that once stood on this pile of ancient rubble? And who is this woman who sees him when no one else can . . . and who stirs the fire in his soul?

Her research into the legend of a notorious 18th-century Highland chieftan has brought Arabella Ryan to Scotland’s storm-swept Loch Fasail. And now the Black Maclean himself has invaded her dreams. The sensuous caress of her mysterious “ghost lover” is no mere fantasy, lifting Bella to heights of ecstasy she never imagined existed. But fate has a reason for bringing them together across the centuries—a perilous mission that could change history as it tests the power of their desire and their love.

Secrets of the Highwayman

An Immortal Warrior: one given the power to make right what once went wrong … in a time not his own.

1814 Cornwall, England

Nathaniel Raven, a gentleman highwayman known as The Raven, is both reckless and hot headed. When his friend murders him in an act of betrayal, Nathaniel’s infamous memory passes into time, and his life is left unfinished.

Present day, Cornwall …

Melanie Jones, a solicitor from London, has arrived at Ravenswood to sort out the estate. But instead of the simple, restful job she expected, she is confronted by a handsome ghost. The Raven has been brought back to life by the Sorceress, the ruler of the between-worlds, and with Melanie’s help he must resolve the secrets from the night he died.

Melanie and Nathaniel soon discover a burning, unstoppable desire in each other’s arms. Can they defeat the lethal danger that is threatening to destroy them and find a future together?

Secrets of the Highwayman was a RITA nominated novel (Romance Writers of America).

Passions of the Ghost

An Immortal Warrior: one given the power to make right what once went wrong … in a time not his own.

13th Century, Welsh Marches

Lord Reynald de Mortimer was once the ruler of the borderlands, powerful and feared. Known as ‘the Ghost’ because of his white-blond hair and pale grey eyes, the reason for his death was a mystery. Why didn’t he keep his word that fateful day? Ever since then he has been blamed for the chaos that followed his passing.

Present day, Reynald’s Castle …

Amy Fairweather is currently a guest at Reynald’s castle in Wales—now a posh hotel—because her unscrupulous brother needs a favour. Then she meets Reynald, awoken from his sleep by the Sorceress, ruler of the between-worlds.

Amy finds herself caught up in the ensuing magic and mayhem, and suddenly all of her worldly experience counts for nothing. She is falling in love with a man who was born seven hundred years ago. And to have any chance of a future together, Amy and Reynald must fight the threatening shadows from his past.

Book 3 in the Immortal Warriors series, following Return of the Highlander and Passions of the Ghost.

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Heart of the Gunslinger

An Immortal Warriors Novella

1887 London

Charlie Dawes aka Deadeye Dick is a star in the Wild West Show at Cremorne Gardens, celebrating Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Women love him, and he revels in his fame. His sudden death tarnishes his memory. The Sorceress of the between-worlds knows Charlie can do better and she brings him back to redeem himself.

Present day, London

Jennifer Kendall owns the Beatnik Café in fashionable London. After her beloved grandmother’s death she finds herself in financial trouble, and her personal safety at risk. When Charlie appears and says he is here to help her, she finds herself instantly attracted to him.

But deadly trouble from the past has followed Charlie, and if he is to make a future with Jennifer then he needs to shoot straighter than last time.

Heart of the Gunslinger can be read as a stand alone, but is part of the Immortal Warriors series.