Lorne’s Story

The 4th Marquis of Lorne has returned to life two hundred years after the Sorceress sent him to sleep in Blackfriar’s Abbey graveyard.

However he has brought something with him, a demon called the Destroyer, which he freed from the Underworld in 1808.

Now, with the help of archeologist Maggie McNab, he must send it back.

If he doesn’t, the Sorceress will take him instead.

Darling’s Story

Nicholas Darlington is one of the Hellfire Club trio, brought back from the dead by the Sorceress to recapture a demon who calls himself Stewart. Darlington and his friends, Lorne and Maggie, and Sutcliffe, are in Glasgow, where Stewart has been sighted.

Linny, Maggie’s sister, is also in Glasgow but she wants nothing to do with the others. Not because she doesn’t want to help, but because when a creature known as the Destroyer took possession of her body, she went to the ‘other side’. And when she was saved by Lorne, and brought back to the mortal world, something came back with her.

Something that terrifies her.

Sutcliffe’s Story

Aiden Sutcliffe is the third member of the Hellfire Club, woken by the Sorceress to recapture Stewart, who is determined to punish Lorne, and in the process destroy the world. Aiden has been separated from his friends and now finds himself invisible, on the Island of Moyle, with a woman called Alison MacDonald-Ellis.

Alison has always known she would be responsible for ‘the end of days’, and has taken up residence in the farthermost reaches of the United Kingdom. But even here her fate has found her, and she and Sutcliffe begin to realise that she is the key to defeating Stewart.