Mockingbird Square Series 2

I have added all of the gorgeous covers to the Mockingbird Square Series 2 Page if you want to take a look. My plan is to finish this series in 2022 but sometimes plans go awry. It would be so nice to have these novellas written, so that I can get started on some of…


Seduction cover

I wanted to share the cover for Seduction with you. This is the 2nd book after Fascination, in the new Mockingbird Square series 2. Amelia and Gus fall in love, which is awkward for Amelia. Widowed and past her prime (in her eyes anyway) Amelia does not think Gus is the comfortable sort of companion…


Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022

Despite lockdowns and CoVid scares, getting the house painted, the on-again off-again plans for a new roof, and numerous visits to the vet with my elderly cats, I’ve had a reasonably busy writing year. I am just about finished the first book in a Regency Romance Trilogy I am contracted to write for a US…


Heart of the Gunslinger

I have a new Sara Mackenzie novella coming on the 6th of November! This is part of the Immortal Warriors series. I loved the cover so much that I have also changed the covers for Secrets of the Highwayman and Passions of the Ghost. Click on the Sara Mackenzie Books page above to go to…